Business Law

Your business has grown and you wonder whether you should incorporate. Do you know the questions to ask to determine if now is the right time? What structure is the best fit for you? With so many types of corporate structures to choose from, we can help you navigate the pros and cons.

You get a demand letter from an attorney claiming that your employee was the victim of discrimination. What do you do now? In short, you contact us.

Business Lawyer Tyler TX
Probate Lawyer Tyler TX

Probate Law

When a loved one passes away, questions may remain for those left behind regarding the ownership of the deceased’s assets. There is also the consideration of responsibility for outstanding debts of the deceased, such as funeral expenses and last medical expenses.

Probate is an avenue available through the state courts to determine, in due time, how outstanding debt is paid, to retitle property, and to transfer that property to the remaining beneficiaries of the deceased person’s estate. If you need help with this technical process, we are ready to do so.

Real Estate Law

It’s been said that strong fences make good neighbors.  Let us help you build strong fences through drafting the necessary documents for the transfer of real estate, interim construction loans, home equity loans and mortgages. Rhyne Law Firm can also help you in your efforts to remove a cloud from the clear title to your property.

Sometimes a lawsuit is necessary to secure clear title. If you need someone who can help you, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Real Estate Lawyer Tyler TX

What Our Clients Say

  • Kevin/Rhyne Law is the best! Great, practical, affordable help when I need it most!!– Randy Price, President, Right at Home Northeast Texas
  • Kevin was quick to answer every question we had along the way. I appreciated his attention to detail and how he kept me updated through the entire process. Ronald S.
  • The icing on the cake of my experiences with Rhyne Law Firm is that Kevin is a great guy who clearly wants to help me, and that’s hard to find. – Chad Barnes, President, SEO Skyrocket
  • His insight and thoroughness gave me an even better perspective and outcome than I had anticipated, and his professionalism was top notch. – Christopher L.
  • Job well done. – Rebecca S.