A Little About Kevin Rhyne

As an attorney licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1996, Kevin Rhyne began his career as a litigator in Houston, Texas. He has enjoyed over twenty years of experience serving individuals and corporations with quality legal service.

In 2002, Mr. Rhyne moved his family to Tyler, Texas, and worked with a local firm as a litigator and general counsel for public entities, including many public school districts. Mr. Rhyne also kept an insurance defense docket during that time. In July of 2007, Mr. Rhyne left his previous firm and founded Rhyne Law Firm.

In 2023, Kevin joined as The McGuire Firm’s Senior Associate Personal Injury Attorney in Tyler, TX, where he continues to serve today.

From its founding, The McGuire Firm has remained a client-focused law firm in Tyler. The McGuire Firm is driven to get personal injury clients the care and compensation they deserve.

For more about Kevin Rhyne, read his McGuire Firm profile.